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what we do

Work to empower women

Explore current stressors

Find alternative ways of healing

Wild Roots Collective offers holistic wellness counseling that integrates clinical therapy, wellness coaching, yoga and nutrition for empowerment, movement and creative based interventions.

We’re glad you’re here! 


We’re a collective of wellness practitioners here to give you the tools to feel like your best self, from the inside out. We recognize that you’re the expert in your own life. Our role is to offer guidance and clarity through wellness counseling.  

Our mission:

By integrating clinical therapy, astrology, yoga and nutrition, we facilitate a deeper connection to nature as we navigate our past, present and future selves. 

Our vision: 

To contribute to positive change and a more socially just and equitable future by elevating marginalized voices and acknowledging and working to dismantle systemic oppression.


Wild Roots Collective

wellness counseling in the Northwest

offering a pathway to self reflection, community and healing

what we do
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women are meant to be wild AND grow roots

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online therapy

Work with Kari to explore what's holding you back and how to harness your strengths.  

wellness coaching and astrology

Join Kat for an integrative approach to lifestyle and nutrition counseling

WRC retreats

Explore our wellness retreats in the Wild and Virtual worlds that combine the best of our services.


yoga instruction

Gain the strength and courage to say YES! to more experiences when you practice yoga with Kelly. 

Free Anchor

WRC retreats