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welcome to your virtual wellness community

Wild Roots Virtual Retreats

In the fall of 2021, we offered our first virtual wellness retreat to a small group of community members. We explored our identities in relation to our environment, incorporated some breath work and movement, and answered journal prompts to incite curiosity. 


Now, we offer our Northwest-based virtual retreats to women looking for a safe and encouraging place to prioritize reflection, healing and personal growth within a supportive community.


Some of the themes we’ll dive into include:

-Our internal narrative and the storylines we create about ourselves 


-Moving through emotional triggers 


-How we relate to our past and present selves 

Let our wellness practitioners guide you on a personal and shared journey of self-care, acceptance and joy.


Our virtual retreats give you the time and space to connect to yourself and others. You’ll get astrological insights, guidance through yoga and breathwork, journal prompts and perspective from a clinical therapist. This will all happen live and online with a small group over a period of 3 months.

Guided meditations 🧘🏽 Journal prompts 📔 Astrological insights 🌓 


Therapeutic intentions 😌 Yoga and breathwork 🧘🏿‍♂️

through our virtual wellness retreats, you’ll set aside the time to:

  • Define and explore your current identity


What’s our place in society, and how does it impact our identities? 


  • Learn about radical acceptance


Define radical acceptance and how we can practice self-compassion. 


  • Define and explore your future direction/self care commitment 


How do our relationships impact us? What gets in the way of our self care? 


what you’ll come away with:

  • Learn about your “base setting” through your birth chart. 


  • Explore the future narratives we’d like to own.


  • Create a practice for self-acceptance. 


  • Gain tangible ways to continue self care routines. 


  • Learn coping skills to feel empowered to handle difficult experiences and emotions. 

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