Wild Roots are Alba, Mariam, Flora & Gabriela, a collective that is passionate about sharing ancient Yogic and Shamanic practices to raise consciousness whilst allowing for an embodied, grounded and present human expression.

We are travellers who consider this Earth to be our mother and would like to share the opportunity for others to root deeply within.

We have created Wild Roots as a safe, inclusive space for women to nurture bonds in community and consciousness.

Speaking Arabic, English, French, German & Spanish, we do not see language as a border.

Whichever your path is in life, we invite you to join us at our Retreats to integrate and explore your being.



We love nature and try to live life leaving as little foot prints on Mother Earth as possible. She nourishes us, and without her, we are not. We would like to inspire you to live sustainably on the planet, being mindful of your consumption and waste, doing what you can to shift to a plant-based, zero waste lifestyle. Minimize, be creative, and stay positive.


Wild Roots is a celebration of difference and we look forward to co-creating with you to expand, learn and grow together. We strive to create a comfortable and safe space for all and are determined to accommodate all of your requirements. Please write to us if you plan to attend our Retreat and have any accessibility concerns.


We aim to provide an intimate and peaceful environment where you can find connection, with Self and other Women. Experience what true support and being fully heard feels like. On this journey, we will lift and make each other stronger, build bridges towards Oneness. The Source. Connecting body, mind, soul and spirit.