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wellness with wild roots

“May you come to know the knots

Of your own making

Your power of reshaping


May you surrender 

To the intelligence of Earth

And rise up rooted like trees”

-Rainer Maria Rilke  

It’s hard to prioritize self-care.

As women, we've been socialized to put others before ourselves and to carry the weight of everyone's emotions.

You may be swept up in a state of perpetual motion, never able to steal a moment for yourself. Others may feel stuck, unable to make a decision or move on from a failed opportunity.


Even as self-care becomes more acceptable, storylines from past generations tell us that we’re not worth the time or effort to take care of our mental and emotional health.




Imagine being able to share your experiences with other women and gain useful tools to focus on your wellbeing.


If we can look inwards, then we create the opportunity to learn about ourselves and grow.





our wild and virtual Wellness Retreats provide you with the time and space for self-reflection and self-care

By incorporating mental health counseling, wellness coaching, yoga and astrology into our retreats, we address current stressors and explore other ways of healing. That way we can address what’s holding you back and access self-care from all angles.

Designating time and joining a community may be the only way we unplug, give ourselves time for self-reflection and connect to others on a deeper level.

WRC retreats are for you if:

  • You’re open-minded to other’s experiences and are ready to explore mental health through a lens of social justice, intersectionality and feminism 

  • You realized the benefits of taking care of your body through physical exercise and nutrition, even if you don’t fully embrace them yet

  • You’re ready to be vulnerable and listen in a group setting even if you’re not ready to share 

  • You might have tried more “mainstream” methods of mental health, such as medication (which can be used in tandem with alternative methods) 

  • You’re not finding the emotional support you need from family, friends or partners 




retreat options

virtual workshops

Our virtual wellness retreats provides community and self-reflection from the convenience of your own space! We make it easy to prioritize your mental health needs with integrative therapies you can fit into your schedule.




We offer our Northwest-based virtual retreats to women looking for a safe and encouraging place to prioritize reflection, healing and personal growth within a supportive community. 

Not quite ready for a full-on retreat?

Check out our a la carte options 


We offer clinical therapy, wellness coaching, yoga instruction and astrology readings throughout the year. Schedule a call if you are wondering what might benefit you most at this time. 


*We offer our retreats to all cis and trans women, in addition to non-binary folks who would feel comfortable during discussions about women’s bodies.

wild retreats

Our Northwest- based wellness retreats weave together our integrative services in a natural setting. Connect to nature and disconnect from your busy lives within a safe and encouraging community.

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