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Montana wellness retreats

a safe space for women to grow and feel empowered
Coming to you in 2023!

Connecting to nature and disconnecting from our busy lives gives our internal compass a chance to reset.


When we connect to nature, suddenly we see our lives through a clearer lens. It becomes easier to interact with our deeper selves. 

Our Montana wellness retreats give you the space to unplug and connect with other women in a wild setting.

what makes these retreats so wild??


We’ll be backpacking into the Selway-Bitterroot wilderness south of Missoula, MT. If you’ve been to this area or visited Montana before, you know there’s no place like it. There’s the wide-open skies, jagged peaks and views so beautiful, it sort of hurts to look at them for too long.


In the wild, women are free to be themselves. They can scream and shout, be frustrated or elated, happy or sad without judgement. 


There’s really nothing like it


In our crazy modern lives, you may feel disconnected from yourself, others, and nature, or all of the above. 


But humans are inseparable from the natural world. We’re all part of the trees’ root systems, bird songs and bears walking around in the forest. 


We’re nurtured by a healthy interaction with the Earth.

what are the benefits of wilderness therapy?

Evidence-based and supported by multiple studies, wilderness therapy reframes the idea that what ails you is solely your responsibility. By reconnecting with the earth, we can reframe such pathology as anxiety, depressive disorders and symptoms in a more holistic way. 


Together, we can rewrite the dominant perspective of "separation" from nature and our fellow humans. We can orient closer to the Earth, eventually open the gate to becoming more connected to ourselves and to others.


Through connection, empowerment and resilience, we can find a more sustainable way of healing and ultimately, being.


how are WRC retreats different from other wellness retreats?


More than just an escape, our retreats equip you to better handle stress and the people or circumstances that seem to be holding you back. Through group sharing and journal prompts, we’ll explore ways to create positive change in your life, which can lead to a ripple effect in your interactions with others. 


We encourage taking accountability and initiating change while acknowledging the structural barriers that impact our opportunities and confidence as women.


It’s an opportunity you don’t often get- to cultivate the relationship with yourself. 


Our goal is for you to leave feeling empowered in your own life, and empowered to use your strengths as a force for personal and collective change. 


We just ask you to arrive with an open mind and willingness to hear others' experiences. 

​We host our retreats in the ancestral homelands of the Salish-Kootenai, Nez Perce, and Lemhi-Shoshone modern day tribes. A land acknowledgement only goes so far, but is a start in learning and honoring the original land stewards and remembering the history of forced displacement and genocide of native tribes, the impacts of which live on today.

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