Who are we?

Wild Roots is a collective of playful women, consciousness explorers and guides. Sincere practitioners in the fields of Yoga, we are inspired by a deep connection to Nature and the multi-dimensional evolutive impulse of our souls on Earth. 

United in the realm of the Spirit, our connection first sparked in the woods of Sweden and soon followed to connect our nomadic lives to the roots of Morocco. While this connection is still beating at our core, Wild Roots is a platform for the journey to continue to many beautiful places on this planet. 

We have created a space for wild women to nurture the relationship that keeps us grounded in our authentic truth, to share personal experience, resources, and expand their ideas in community and consciousness. The more we can care for and honour ourselves, the closer and more harmoniously we live with the land and all of its inhabitants. 

Our engagement is with leading the world to live more sustainable lives, with social and cultural change, healing energy, and creative experimentation.



Do you love nature? We do! And try to live a life with leaving as little foot prints on Mother Earth as possible. She nourishes us, without her, we are not. The lifestyle humanity currently enjoys will kill Pacha Mama sooner or later. Do we want that? No. We ask ourselves questions before we consume, “Do I really need that? Where is it coming from? What does it contain? Who made it? How much labour went into it? How many resources? ”
It is so wonderful that Dav Mahal is an eco resort! Please consider that water for your shower needs to be delivered by truck. They have a grey water system, so please use non toxic, organic soaps, shower gels, shampoos, etc. Let us know if you need advise.
The ingredients for the vegan, natural delicacies nourishing your body during the retreat will be sourced locally and are seasonal, and organic as much as possible.
Please bring your refillable water bottle.
Also, regarding flying to a retreat, yes, it is hypocrite. But we believe with nourishing your body and soul you are a better human. Please consider carbon offsetting.



We believe in love, peace, respect, creativity, realness, in thriving together, in holding and being held, in growth. With Wild Roots we intent to create not only a retreat experience, but something bigger, a collective of strong, caring, creative women, supporting each other.



Wild Roots is a celebration of difference and we look forward to co-creating with you on this retreat to expand, learn and grow together.
We strive to create a comfortable and safe space for all and are determined to accommodate all of your requirements.
Please write to us at bee@wildrootscollective.com if you have any accessibility concerns.





Oneness. Beingness. Going to Source. Connecting the body, mind, soul, spirit. We aim to provide a peaceful environment where you can find connection, with Self and other women.





Let's support each other on this journey. Let’s make each other stronger, build bridges and lift each other up. This will last, also after the days we spend together.



Explore, play, and dance with us! Find time to walk on the beach, surf the swell, walk in nature.



The Moroccan sun is warm, of course. Also, our hearts will be warm and open. Bathe in the warm atmosphere we create together.


Deep caring

We care about you. Care about yourself, too.


Meaningful and lasting

This is not only about spending a few days in deep practice and exploration. We try to support your journey in seeing yourself, seeing meaning, during the time we spent together and beyond.


Feminine intelligence

Be woman. We all are daughters and mothers. Tap into this deep, profound, ancient wisdom with us.


Five elements

5 elements. 5 days. During this time, the elements will guide us to different layers of Self.



Move your mind, your body, your breath, your spirit, your heart, your soul, your being. Be ready to be moved, maybe even to tears. We are here for each other, to explore, behold, experience. Perspectives might shift.



On all levels. Deep yoga practice (Asanas, Meditation, Pranayama), divine, natural food, explorations of the surroundings, connecting with women, Mother Earth, and much more, is food for soul and being.



Every body is welcome. It doesn’t matter if you can touch your toes. Come with a flexible mind, and everything else will follow.


Planting seeds

We act, mostly without realizing that every single one of our actions has an impact. You plant seeds, and you hardly ever see a seedling growing. Be friendly to the ones you encounter. It might make their day or lives. It’s beautiful to know how we can emit a positive frequency, rippling over our surroundings like waves. Whatever you expose yourself to influences you. We are curious what seeds Wild Roots is planting.



How does it feel to be heard? We will hold space together in a sharing circle where you can voice your dreams, visions, fears, experiences and whatever your heart is longing for.



What leads you? How do you take decisions? Do you listen to your heart, follow your intuition? Get a taste of what it feels like.


Realize your uniqueness


Spiritual dimensions

Expand awareness

Group energy

Realize your uniqueness








Mother Earth