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counseling for montana women

I believe everyone can benefit from therapy, especially women and those with intersecting identities.

Through my counseling services for Montana women, we'll address the everyday stressors and systemic barriers in tandem with taking accountability and initiating positive change.

You’ll create the conditions for self-compassion so that you learn how to better cope with your emotions.

As a licensed, alternative and holistic mental health counselor, I can help you: 


  • Focus on the unique needs of your individual self


  • Help reawaken the motivation for you to be part of positive change, whatever that means for you


  • Recognize your unique experiences and strengths, and bring those to the forefront of how you present yourself

While encouraging accountability, I recognize the systemic racism, misogyny, ableism and homophobia that impacts our self-worth and place in the world. 


We can address this systemic oppression holding us back and while working towards healing and finding our strengths. 


And in that process we gain more energy to be our authentic selves.


We’ll walk side by side exploring your life and accessing your inner strength.


As a licensed clinical counselor, I offer teletherapy services for Montana women 

*I currently am not able to take insurance, and can offer a sliding fee scale. Please reach out to me at to discuss the sliding fee scale

therapy with Kari LCPC

Maybe you’re struggling with your identity and you feel disconnected from yourself.


You know it doesn’t have to be this way, but you don’t know where to start or how to initiate the change you want to see in your life and within.  


Change can be scary, and you might worry how a different version of yourself would affect the people you love and shake up the status quo. 


You feel like you are doing what you can to be healthy- eating right and exercising when you can- but you can’t get over certain mental hurdles, whether that’s anxiety on the daily or a particular relationship.

And that's okay. 

Sometimes it feels like nothing we do is good enough. We’re going about our day, fulfilling all of our duties and trying to live our truth, and then a comment from a stranger or a trigger from a family member can send us into a downward spiral. 


In addition to the daily stressors of a world mid-pandemic, women and people with marginalized genders and identities are still having to navigate unreasonable expectations put on them by society, their loved ones, and themselves. 


It’s time to dig deeper and better assess our mental health needs.

We all deserve to feel joy by living our best lives and doing the good we were meant to do.

have you been wondering if now is the time for therapy?

Some other things I believe: 


Nature promotes healing 


Have you ever noticed how much calmer and clear-headed you feel after walking around your neighborhood, or simply being outside? 


Taking a moment to reflect in nature can set you on a path to self-healing. This can be anything from sitting by a window to walking in a forest and looking up at the trees. 

You have an innate strength - Therapy just helps you recognize it and bring it out. 

Focusing on our movement and breath can help us connect with our inner wisdom. 

You are the expert in your own life


When working with me, we can bring out your strengths and use them to heal past wounds, negative self-talk and any other barriers preventing you from living your best life. 


Women, and especially those with intersecting identities, are often told how they should look, how they should feel and what they should do on a daily basis. The constant pressure of these expectations compounds over time and leads to higher rates of anxiety and depression. 


Only you know the truth of your own experiences. 

Lastly, WE ARE ALL HUMAN, and no one is perfect!

Not even your therapist ;) 

Speaking of which, I will probably make mistakes. When it comes to intersectionality and different identities, I’ll try to use the correct language and embody the social change I work towards. I'm also open to feedback on how I can be a more inclusive clinical therapist and person.


through online-based therapy with me, we can:

  • Explore your identity 

  • Find your inner strength to help you face your insecurities 

  • Embrace your feminine power (for those who identify as women) and address any societal forces that may be holding you back


NO MORE SHAME about being excited, emotional or impulsive. We’re intuitive beings, and we need to feel what we feel


This allows you to maintain the balance between your ROOTS and your WILD self!


Give yourself permission to make your dreams happen, cultivate a stronger relationship with yourself and others, and find peace in your daily existence.

Me and my dog Rafa 


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