Sound of Spirit is a grounding retreat experience for women looking to expand their awareness and interconnectedness.

It is an environment for women to deepen their connection to themselves and to the Earth, a unique experience to plunge deep into a process guided by the technology of Yoga, Meditation, and Cross-Cultural Spiritual Healing Methodologies.



Are you willing to grasp what the universe wants from you?

Would you like to reach out to other women, to play and feel free to express yourself?

Do you want to fast forward with your creativity, purpose and that which makes you truly happy?



Yogic science holds very ancient wisdom and is a fascinating path designed to guide you through a specific process, that is Chitta Vritti Nirodha, a process which leads you to a state of clarity, radiance and self-knowledge.

As a technology, Yoga combines breath, asana, mantra and meditation to allow our vital energy, Kundalini, to be carried up the spine, clearing the mind from blockages, past conditioning , and cultivating awareness of our own power and evolution. This is Shakti power, pure blissful consciousness, igniting the soul from chakra to chakra.

Through the practice of Yoga, we establish the mind in true connection to the Universal Self, a state of stillness in the body and the senses. From this place of stillness, we develop our strength and inner happiness. As we embrace deeper aspects of both unconscious and super-conscious states, we are able to access the invisible landscapes of our spiritual body, and thus to connect and project our creative potential.

A world of Yoga - Kundalini Yoga, Vinyasa, Yin and Yoga Nidra - during this retreat will create a structure for personal understanding that you will be able to integrate into your spiritual practice and thus intentionally engage with your life and purpose.


We gather in support of each other in embracing the joys and challenges that come with spiritual growth as women. Bearers of the womb, the diamond doorway of people, that creates, protects and preserves life-seeds that we all become. 

The womb is the greatest source of a woman’s power, yet much of our painful or traumatic intimate experiences are embedded in the womb which often blocks our creative expressions and affect our well being and relationships. In the light of the releasing tides of the full moon and in a safe and well held space, we will explore the profound capacity of sacred ritual, breath, intuitive voice and embodied movement, along with the guidance of the plant ally Mugwort to harmonise and transform the energetic discordances within. Memories that have been muted will be given voice and sight which will free the currents of vital life force - leading to authentic voice, deepening self love and empowered creations. 

Artemesia Vulgaris or Mugwort is a plant Ancestor that helps with cultivating alignment, wildness and intuition. Mugwort helps us to become lucid within our dreams, protects our psychic space, and helps us to remember the magic of our indigenous hearts. Deeply connected with the medicine and cyclical energy of the Moon, Mugwort is associated with the Goddess Artemis and can help us feel the power of the moon inside us. She can help shift old blockages and draw on the power and wisdom of the Crone to help us take that next step on our journey.

FACILITATED by Pamela Oakspring


Careful nourishment of our physical body is key to facilitate the journey it is on. Hearing your body’s voice, feeding it with what it is longing for, helps finding strength and lightness. In this retreat, we will get in touch with our taste buds and creativity. This is an invitation to explore mindfulness in food, and experience the preparation of simple, nourishing, colourful vegan meals with local, seasonal ingredients.

Discover inspiring recipes in our Mindful Kitchen workshops and step into a new world of cooking. We set our intentions in being grateful for pure and natural food that truly nourishes, for yummy fruits and vegetables with so many different properties and tastes to explore.

Morocco offers huge diversity of delicious, organically grown ingredients. This experience helps your body regain strength and stay healthy so that it can be the most beautiful temple for your soul.


In 5 days of transformation, we will dive deep into the silence of breathtaking nature and the feminine principles, bringing about a remarkable stilling of the mind. Enjoy our beautiful Temple and delicious organic Vegan food. Let your gifts of intuition and creativity rise.


APRIL 18TH • ETHER • We will initiate ourselves, connect to Spirit, and open the sacred space for intentions.

APRIL 19TH • AIR • Full moon in Libra Heart Activating Vinyasa and Kundalini Pranayama will allow us to be more fluid in accessing deeper states of consciousness, relaxation and well being. We will synchronise with the rhythm of our heartbeats, and flow into the powerful energy of the Full Moon through Womb Alchemy and Mugwort Ceremony.

APRIL 21ST • FIRE • On this day we will activate our inner fire and power to go beyond self-limitations and pierce through our magnetic fields. In an afternoon sharing circle, we will integrate the insights gained from our experience. Bathe in your fire with deep Yoga Nidra.

APRIL 20TH • WATER • Diving into our bodies, we will move to create a gentle space to look at the deep tides and layers of unknown patterns, guided by a Shamanic Journey and a beautiful Kundalini Yoga Re-Birth Kriya.

APRIL 22TH • EARTH • Earth day is a day celebrated worldwide in support of environmental protection. For us, this day will be about integration, so that we may continue to move through life grounded and connected to the Earth, to our outer/inner landscapes and with a more embodied expression.

Tham yogam iti manyante sthiram indriya dharanam