your place for alternative wellness

Wild Roots is a collective of health practitioners and friends who seek to guide you on your own wellness journey. We’re not here to tell you what to do with your body or how to handle your mental health. 


We’re here to offer guidance and clarity through wellness counseling.


our story

Like-minded people tend to find each other. 


That’s how the story of Wild Roots Collective got started.



Hey there,


We’re Kari, Kat and Kelly- yes, it’s quite an alliteration- and we met while on our own separate paths to becoming wellness practitioners. It’s often the people in your life who you admire and respect that make for the best relationships. 


Through our own personal health journeys, we’ve witnessed what a difference alternative wellness can make in our mental health, emotional wellbeing and physical bodies. 


We all bring our own strengths to our collective so that you leave our services feeling more balanced, empowered and capable in your daily lives. 


It’s our goal to give you the tools for self-care that can translate into making your dreams happen, whatever they may be. 


So take a look around our virtual collective, and stay a while. 






the collective